Editorial Publications

Salud Pública de México (Journal of Mexican Public Health)

This journal offers a multidisciplinary approach to public health and provides a forum for discussing important topics in the field. It fosters debate on the ways in which to address the changing health needs of the population and how to organize the social response. This publication has been in circulation for 45 years and is included in numerous national and international indices, including Medline, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Index Medicus, EMBASE, Global Health Abstracts, SciELO, and Artemisa Online.


The INSP edits Spanish-language public health textbooks for students in public health and medical programs, including its own publications as well as co-publications with leading private medical publishers.

Executive Summaries for decision making in health systems

The results of research on social health determinants in vulnerable populations in Mexico have led to recommendations for health authorities to help improve health policies and programs. The CISS publishes executive summaries of its research specifically designed to inform decision making on public health issues affecting specific populations.

Viva Salud (Healthy Living)

This institutional bulletin is a communication tool for recognizing work in the institutional community and disseminating the results of such work to the general public.

Radio Broadcast

INSP has weekly radio broadcasts for one hour in which researchers from INSP speak with the public about public health issues. This has become a popular and accessible way to disseminate knowledge in the community.

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