In 1987 was created the National Institute of Public Health. The first formal group that developed a Department of research in Nutrition and Child Health, was formed in 1993 in a Department of Child Health Research in the area of Health of Women and Children in the Population Health Research Center.

Since that the nutrition became a priority in the National Institute of Public Health and with the support of their recognized Directors; in 2002 officially arise the Nutrition and Health Research Center (CINyS) which has had success in the creation of the Master Sciences and Master in Public Health with specialization in nutrition, the creation of the Laboratory in biochemistry and conduction of the national representative surveys and the performance of evaluation of social programs with a nutritional component for example OPORTUNIDADES (basal) , LICONSA, Programa de Apoyo Alimentario and Desayunos escolares.

From the moment when the first lines of nutrition research were created within the Department of research Nutrition and Child Health, the group adopted as the basic philosophy of mission-based research, a concept created by Dr. Julio Frenk. This was also one of the philosophical bases of the Institute since its creation.

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