Artículos científicos Open Access

Low-dose corticosteroid combined with immunoglobulin reverses deterioration in severe cases with COVID-19
Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy
Zhou, ZG., Jiang, DX., Xie, SM. et al.
COVID-19: Panama stockpiles unproven drugs
Ivonne Torres-Atencio, Amador Goodridge & Silvio Vega
The effect of whey protein on viral infection and replication of SARS-CoV-2 and pangolin coronavirus in vitro
Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy
Fan, H., Hong, B., Luo, Y. et al.
Forecasting the spread of COVID-19 under different reopening strategies
Scientific Reports
Liu, M., Thomadsen, R. & Yao, S.
Will patient-centric sampling become the norm for clinical trials after COVID-19?
Nature Medicine
James, C.A., Barfield, M.D., Maass, K.F. et al.
Targeted intracellular degradation of SARS-CoV-2 via computationally optimized peptide fusions
Communications Biology
Chatterjee, P., Ponnapati, M., Kramme, C. et al.
Indirect benefits are a crucial consideration when evaluating SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates
Nature Medicine
Gallagher, M.E., Sieben, A.J., Nelson, K.N. et al.
The association between body mass index class and coronavirus disease 2019 outcomes
International Journal of Obesity
Al-Salameh, A., Lanoix, JP., Bennis, Y. et al

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