Artículos científicos Open Access

COVID-19 research in Africa
Linda-Gail Bekker, Valerie Mizrahi
COVID-19 and the next influenza season
Science Advances
Benjamin D. Singer
Predicting Mortality Due to SARS-CoV-2: A Mechanistic Score Relating Obesity and Diabetes to COVID-19 Outcomes in Mexico
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
Omar Yaxmehen Bello-Chavolla, Jessica Paola Bahena-López, Neftali Eduardo Antonio-Villa, Arsenio Vargas-Vázquez, Armando González-Díaz, Alejandro Márquez-Salinas, Carlos A Fermín-Martínez, J Jesús Naveja, Carlos A Aguilar-Salinas
Deciphering the TCR repertoire to solve the COVID-19 mystery
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
Gutierrez et al.
COVID-19, Health, Conservation, and Shared Wellbeing: Details Matter
Trends in Ecology & Evolution
Montgomery et al.
Prevalence of COVID-19 in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Implications for Bystander CPR
Michael R. Sayre, Leslie M. Barnard, Catherine R. Counts, Christopher J. Drucker, Peter J. Kudenchuk, Thomas D. Rea, and Mickey S. Eisenberg
Validating QT-Interval Measurement Using the Apple Watch ECG to Enable Remote Monitoring During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Marc Strik, Théo Caillol, F. Daniel Ramirez, Saer Abu-Alrub, Hugo Marchand, Nicolas Welte, Philippe Ritter, Michel Haïssaguerre, Sylvain Ploux, and Pierre Bordachar
The Spectrum of Cardiac Manifestations in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - a Systematic Echocardiographic Study.
Yishay Szekely, Yael Lichter, Philippe Taieb, Ariel Banai, Aviram Hochstadt, Ilan Merdler, Amir Gal Oz, Ehud Rothschild, Guy Baruch, Yogev Peri, Yaron Arbel, and Yan Topilsky

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