Artículos científicos Open Access

The challenges of deploying artificial intelligence models in a rapidly evolving pandemic
Nature Machine Intelligence
Hu, Y., Jacob, J., Parker, G.J.M. et al.
Artificial intelligence cooperation to support the global response to COVID-19
Nature Machine Intelligence
Luengo-Oroz, M., Hoffmann Pham, K., Bullock, J. et al.
British Dental Journal volume
Tattar, R., Roudsari, R.
Diagnostics and the coronavirus: don’t let the standards slip
Nature Biotechnology
Page, M., Almond, N., Rose, N.J. et al.
PPE or not PPE - that is the question
British Dental Journal
D’Cruz, L.
Suspend tests and rankings
H. Holden Thorp
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Ethical and Scientific Imperatives for "Natural" Experiments
Thomas C. Erren, Philip Lewis, and David M. Shaw

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