Center for Evaluation and Surveys Research

The Center for Evaluation Research and Surveys (CIEE) is dedicated to the comprehensive evaluation of health and social development programs and interventions, the research on public health topics applying quantitative methods, and to the design, implementation and analysis of surveys on health and other wellbeing related issues.

CIEE’s activities are aimed to generate evidence on the effectiveness and efficiency of policies, programs and interventions to inform decision making in the health and social sectors. These activities are organized in five areas:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of health and social programs and policies, including impact evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation of the health system and policies
  • Económic evaluation of health interventions, oriented to resources optimization
  • Research on public health topics applying economics and statistics methods
  • Human resources capacity building

CIEE seek to respond to the growing demand of governments, donors, and the civil society in making decisions based on rigorous evidence.

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