The National Institute of Public Healthhas pioneered the development of public health teaching in Latin America

One of the INSP's main research strategies is the design of mission-oriented research, implemented through the mission-oriented research lines (LIMs), which involve public health research topics that promote cross-disciplinary activities among the different research centers which act as primary or secondary centers for each project. There are currently 18 existing LIMs being carried out by INSP researchers and each INSP research project assigned to a LIM based on its corresponding objectives.

Mission-Oriented Research Lines (LIMs) as Assigned to the INSP Research Centers

Existing Research LinesPrimary CenterSecondary Center
1. Cancer prevention and control CISP CISEI
2. Health and vulnerable groups CISS CINyS
3. Prevention and control of vector-transmitted diseases CISEI CRISP
4. Prevention and control of tuberculosis CISEI  
5. Environmental health CISP  
6. Prevention of injuries and violence CISP CISS
7. Sexual health and prevention of AIDS and STDs CIEE CISS
8. Promotion of healthy lifestyles CISP CISS
9. Medications in public health: access, use and antimicrobial resistance CISS CISEI
10. Human resources in health CISS SAC
11. Social protection in health CISS CISEI
12. Evaluation of health programs and policies CIEE CINyS
13. Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease CINyS CISP
14. Malnutrition CINyS  
15. Reproductive health CISP CISS
16. Emerging viral diseases CISEI  
17. Vaccines CISEI  
18. Regenerative medicine CISP CISEI


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